About Us

Hanuman Traders (The Natural Henna) is one of the oldest Manufacturers and Suppliers of Henna in Sojat City. Hanuman Traders are known to be the Best Henna Manufacturers and Suppliers of 100% chemical free Natural Henna and other premium quality henna products in India. Hanuman Traders “Henna business” is a family business running from years and years. Present Roots of Hanuman Traders – Mr. Hanuman Tak and Bhawani Tak, who are running the legacy, maintaining the name and ensuring that Hanuman Traders must continue providing the best quality Natural Henna to people at most effective cost.

Our Story

We are from the place where henna is the only mean to survive in today’s scenario, the place is known as SOJAT CITY  Mehandi Nagari which is located in Rajasthan, India. We have our family business of Natural Henna from British Time. We have the team that can easily identify the Henna Quality. We have our own manufacturing unit since 2003. As you can see that in today’s world you will hardly find the henna without any chemical. Now a day’s we have seen so many cases of henna outside and inside INDIA, which adds harmful chemical for color and by this, so many people got itching problem and other side effects. So, our family have decided to give the natural henna to whole world. We provide the best quality of henna with no chemical added. We provide Triple filter henna powder.

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How We Maintain Quality?

Henna comes in so many qualities but here at Hanuman Traders manufacturing unit we only deal with the superior one’s. Our Professional Team who have the experience of bringing out the best quality Henna for about 30 years, can easily identify the henna quality. We have the farm in which only henna is Produced. We take care of quality from the Ground level of henna i.e. Growing of henna leaves. After the growing process is completed, the team, cut of the plants. After cutting the leaves come to the manufacturing unit for filter. In filter process all the dust and other particles are removed, and now only henna leaves are left. After this we grind the henna leaves in Pulverizer which gives the finest powder but we don’t stop here. After this we triple filter the powder with the help of cloth as in result it gives the best color without any chemical added. We only deals in natural henna in which no harmful chemical is added so we don’t add any type of chemical and that’s how the best Quality Henna is produced & manufactured.


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