Henna for Hair: Is Henna Good for Hair Growth and Health?

Since ancient times henna has been one of the products that has been good for hair and the health of the hair as well. Health is one of the main issues why a lot of people avoid using many hair dyes and other hair product, due the amount of chemicals used in the process of making it the natural ingredients of the product gets diluted and it produces alarming health risk for you and your hair. In times when pollution is at the most alarming level, it’s natural that people will experience issues of hair fall and hair damage in order to avoid it people use a lot of products available in the market but most of them have chemicals which have other side effects on body and hair but there is nothing to be sad about this, henna is the best substitute to these chemical induced products.
There is reason why our Grandparents and Elders have been using henna and mostly recommend it over any in-organic product in the market. In our childhood most of us have seen our Dadi’s and Nani’s using henna to color their hair but do you know henna can not only color your hair but has other qualities to save our hair as well ? Yes, there are many home remedies people use to protect their hair in which henna is used as the base ingredient which makes us curious to know how exactly can, Henna save our hair in the long run. One such home remedies to save hair damage is to use it with Gingili oil, other than this there are other remedies too , which ranges from how to reduce and permanently remove dandruff from hair to how to make your scalp oily , henna is the best and the most natural answer to any of your problems related to hair.
The core property of henna makes it good for hair, people not only use to for beautification but to better the quality of their hair and save it in the long run from split ends , hair damage and most importantly hair fall. Hair fall is now a common issue amongst people from all age group, earlier it was a belief that only adult face these issues but recently we have seen that this has changed and people from all age group and gender are facing these issues and this is being used by brands to attract buyers towards them but the harsh reality of these brands are that they mostly have products with side effects which can be dangerous.
In the times of so much pollution henna becomes something important for everyone who has hair issues and problems with their hair and wants that to get better without any side effects.