How long to keep henna on hair

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Henna like any other product shows its true affect only if we give it enough time , since its organic and has no chemicals involved it take a little more time than any other dye or product . One of the frequently asked questions regarding henna is that how much time should one wait in order to get the best results. So let’s start with our topic How long to keep henna on hair.

In a world which has no patients left anymore where everything is happening quick humans don’t have any patients left and this is evident by the fact that a lot of people chose to use hair dye rather than Henna because of henna takes time. The question arises is how much time is actually necessary to have good impact of henna on hair.

In order to make your henna impactful one should wait for it to get dry first which might take half an hour to forty five minutes, then comes the important part of keeping the henna on the hair the logic is the longer you keep, the better results it gives.
According to the experts there is no particular time but the average user keep the henna on their hair for good five to six hours for the best results but it can vary from people to people and quality as well.

The other issue with not keeping henna on for a long time is that it will not give you good results an untimely removal might affect the hair badly if the henna is not 100% organic or of good quality.
Time also depends on the purpose if your purpose is just colour your hair red from black it might not take time but if you want to cover all your grey hair it might take six to seven hours to cover it. Although we have seen people who are that patient with the henna are often a regular user of it but to the ones who are new the whole idea is to have good quality henna and giving it some time.