Mehndi: Significance of Mehndi in Indian Weddings

Indian weddings are great, Food, Bollywood, Aesthetic, beauty and the most important the different ceremonies. One such ceremony is Mehndi, a pre wedding ceremony where Bride and Groom and also others involved in the marriage get Mehendi or Henna designed on their hand and legs, this is generally considered as a ceremony where only women participate but that’s a wrong notion.

There is a Great Significance of Mehndi in Indian weddings:

Mehndi is one of the sixteen adornments of Bride and is important for her. Historically Mehndi has been used in religious ceremonies as well and since Marriage in India is also a religious affair it becomes important for them to use henna, interestingly henna is considered good in both Muslims and Hindus and makes it acceptable in Indian marriages and celebration.

There are a lot of beliefs involved with Henna as well and one such belief is that the bride should get the initial of her husband’s name in her hand for happy married life, another belief is that the colour of the henna will determine the amount of love the Groom has for Bride, which means darker the henna more the love between the couple.

But leaving these myths and beliefs behind the modern world believes in logic and scientific reasoning and there are many scientific reasoning behind usage of henna in marriages as well.

While we cannot be sure about the beliefs we can say that the scientific reasons are interesting and might shock many of us
Experts believe that henna which is known for its cooling properties which means when applied on the brides hand and feet it might cool the nerves of the bride and help her dealing with the situation. The Mehndi ceremony like any other ceremony is an occasion where the whole family can meet together, talk and have fun. The ceremony which was only famous in certain regions of India mainly North and East India is now getting famous in the whole country and South Asia as well due to the Bollywood movies and cultural similarities.

Bridal Mehndi